Thoughts  (published on 29/09/2009)

Well, you can see that, in fact, I have no time, or even means, to write frequently and detailed as it’s needed, and which is my own style, to share my experiences during this global trip. Sometime it’ll happen, but, in the mean time, I tried to simplify. More frequently, I’ll replicate my short thoughts and sayings which I often (almost daily, when I can get a internet connection) publish on Facebook friends network.

For those who don’t know it, this is something similar to Orkut, but massively used by everyone all over the world (Orkut just launched in Brazil and in few other countries), and which appears to be much more efficient.

As it’s widely used by foreigners, and less by Brazilians, I’ve been posting majorly in English, so the Portuguese version published here is an adapted translation from English, thus, don’t take me wrong if sometimes it doesn’t make sense or if the words used seem to be old-fashioned.

I hope then that I can share a bit of my experiences, although it to be in short words. But be sure that I won’t free myself from writing my full reports when I can. These thoughts are published under the above tab called “Thoughts”.



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